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This morning I was woken up by the sound of pastic being chewed on… Turns out Weezie is also a fan of Nick’s Homemade Jerky. He said it was very yummy and a little too spicy for puppies! 🙂

Amanda S.

Denver, CO

Just tried Nick Hartman’s homemade beef jerky for the first time. Good shit, brah!

Tom R.

Indianapolis, IN

THIS IS DELICIOUS!!!! Big thanks Nick for the Midwest Lovin!!!! Have to slow down so the misses can get some too!!

Michael S.

I am not even into beef jerky and I thought it was really good! You might’ve converted me to a jerky eater.

Andrea V.

Indianapolis, IN

I give Nick’s Homemade Jerky the thumbs up!

Mike L.

Chicago, IL

Just had my first strip. Delicious. I’m impressed. Keep up the good work I’m sure you’ll be getting more orders from me.

Barton G.

Chicago, IL

Your jerky is &^%$&* amazing!!! Dude, nice work! I love the thick and chewy! You always hear about the pros of Nick’s Homemade Jerky, but there’s a huge con…It’s always gone before know it.

Anthony A.

Chicago, IL

Great product!

Hal C.

Martinez, CA

It’s sooooo good! Munching on some as we speak!

Caitlyn B.

Denver, CO

Dude, I only have a couple pieces left of my initial order. Can Not Stop Eating It!! I’ll be re-ordering soon!

Pete B.

Chicago, IL

The medium is awesome and sure has a kick! Soooo good!!!

Lauren W.

Kalispell, MT

Great flavor! Great taste! It should be sold in every convenience store.

Drew M.

Indianapolis, IN

Best jerky I’ve ever tasted!

Connie B.

Lafayette, IN

Best jerky my girlfriend or I have ever had. Stoked to try some new flavors!

Luke B.

Indianapolis, IN

Finally the Arrival of my Main Man Nick’s HomeMade, Midwest Love, Mouth Watering Jerky! Waiting on my porch, for my enjoyment and consumption! Oh Yeah, and It’s HOT Too!

Andrew S.

Denver, CO

This Jerky is so good it was traded for tics to a sold out Umphrey’s McGee show. True story.

Steve B.

Flint, MI

Exciting mail day today!

Lauren L.

Chicago, IL

Kickass product my friend.

Benji F.

Chicago, IL

Jerky’d. Damn fine jerky sir!

Will M.

New York, NY

Whatever your trail, take Nick’s Homemade Jerky along!

Mike S.

Fort Collins, CO

Twas like an orgasm in my mouth…

Eli R.

Indianapolis, IN