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Nick’s Homemade Jerky began in 2012 after a family friend refused to make me anymore jerky and instead bought me my first dehydrator, forcing me to learn how to make delicious jerky on my own. After months of trying different recipes, and sharing with friends, family, and neighbors, it was eventually clear I had stumbled on a recipe worth sharing.

Furthermore, JERKY is my PASSION. Constantly dissatisfied with low quality, high priced beef jerky sold at the large convenient store chains, I decided to create my own jerky, with the exact texture and flavor combination of what my “dream jerky” would have. We came up with our  Midwest Recipe, and now pridefully offer Nick’s Homemade Jerky delivered to your door, at a great price, with each piece being hand sliced and HOMEMADE in Central Indiana.

With all ingredients and beef purchased locally, and in only using the finest quality ingredients around, we have created a flavor of beef jerky LIKE NO OTHER. Nick’s Homemade Jerky. Damn. Good. Jerky.

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